Monday, November 27, 2006

Gettin' out the bugs

Well, this is what I get for launching my blog too soon. I'm not the most patient person. I haven't gotten the audio worked out yet but as soon as I do, I will be posting commentaries of our outings along with the audios of our interviews. In the meantime, I will be posting some items to hopefully spark some more feedback. Today I want to ask when the last time was that you shared your faith actively. That is, the moment presented itself and you, to the best of your ability, you followed the lead of the Holy Spirit and shared what you knew. What happened? Post your answer in the comments link below this article or email me at and I will share your comments anonymously if you prefer. My next post will be based on the feedback I get. --Robert

Soli Deo Gloria


Anonymous said...

Nice site

Julie said...

I try to share my faith daily as i meet people. Store clerks this time of year are stressed and need a kind smile. People on the streets shopping can also use a smile. I attend AA meetings, so i share my faith there a few times a week. I guess, really, that my life is dedicated to CHRIST and i pray that He shows through me when i am kind and decent to others, even though, sometimes, i have to ask God to love them through me.
Anyway, thats my comment. : ) God bless you.

Amy said...

Hey Julie ! Great way to share your faith. I had never really thought about it that way. Yes, by just being nice and thoughtful too others is great and something that Jesus taught about loving our neighbors as ourselves and, i think, also loving and praying for our enemies. Sometimes we may just touch someones life in a way we never even know about but God always knows. Going to try to show a little more love and enthusiasm for the people i meet. Thanks so much Julie !

Anonymous said...

When it comes down the Good Persons test it really shows how fallible we really are.

Anonymous said...

I guess I just try and get to know them first so they don't think I'm a nut. But I don't really think I'm gifted that way anyway.

Anonymous said...

Robert, this is great. I love the fact that you'll be putting the audio from your experiences up here.

I guess it's been several weeks since I shared and explained my faith in Jesus. My problem is, as infrequently as I run into people I talk to, my faith is not usually the first thing I share with someone.

Tony Policci said...

The last time I actively shared my faith was last week, with a prospective client. He turned out to be a believer and immediately sent me a check (retainer) to do some work for him. Not that I mind the money, but it's much more exciting when you throw the line out and hook someone who doesn't already know Christ. :)

Andrea Sipe said...

OK, so this comment has been a long time coming. I have been giving it some thought, because I do not actively share the gospel often. Like Julie, Jesus is everything to me, and if I spend time with anyone, my faith is bound to come up. However, I tend to be the kind of person that puts a little out there to see how it is taken, and slowly share with them the gospel.
Now, I could say that I am not gifted in evangelism (as you most definitely seem to be), and that would definitely be a great reason to be the way I am. But I think that when I look deep, and really try to discover why I'm hesitant to share Jesus fully with people (especially strangers) it has to do with rejection. I know that it shouldn't be a big deal - I've heard people say that they're not rejecting ME, they're rejecting Christ. Yet there-in lies the problem.
You see, I am first-and-foremost a Christian. That is the one word I would use to describe myself. As I said before, Jesus is my everything - my life, my love, my breath, my complete identity - so when someone rejects Him, they are rejecting me. It is very difficult for me to be good friends with people who do not know and love Jesus, as that is the very core of who I am. So, when someone (whether I know them or not) rejects Jesus, they are essentially rejecting me, and that hurts.
So, back to the question, I have been sharing my faith through friendship with a lady that works with my hubby, and our kids are in the same class. She is becoming a great friend, and a couple weeks ago she said "Someday you'll get me to go to church, and I'll make you weird." Little does she know (though I'm sure she's discovering) that I'm ALREADY weird, so now we're just working on the church part. ;) I am feeling more comfortable talking to her about things of God and His work in my life, and I'm sure that it will eventually come around to a discussion of salvation, and the "good person" vs. "grace."
Robert, I love your site, as it is giving me tools (and reminding me of ones I already knew, but neglect to "pull out"), so that when these conversations come us, I can simply point to the 10 commandments as a basis upon which to judge our goodness.
OK, sorry this is so long! That's what happens when I stew over something for a while!! :)
Keep up the good work - may Christ reward you greatly!
Blessings - Andrea