Sunday, December 10, 2006

Fishing at Chandler/Gilbert Community College

This was our first outing to a community college. Although they wouldn't let us walk around the campus, they let us set up a table in a free speech area where there was actually a lot of traffic. Once classes started, the students would dissapear we would talk about our experiences, encourage one another and regroup before the next rush. Here, Shon is winessing to a baseball player who was very interested in what he had to say. He was amazed at the fact that adultery could be commited in the mind alone! Proof that using the Law works in defining sin and convicting the sinner. Here he is holding a Christmas Quiz icebreaker (tract) in his arm while Shon shares from his bible. I had just finished talking to someone while Shon was in this conversation, so I only got part of it but it's good stuff! Click here to listen.

Soli Deo Gloria


Dave N said...

Hi Robert,

Sorry I haven't check your site out sooner, but haven't been on the net much.. Our schedule has been packed this past week! Get this, we had a community choir concert on Thursday evening and most of the songs were glorifying God and our Lord Jesus! It was awesome! I can't picture experiencing something like this in New England or in the east (where I used to live!)
Reading your site and listening to the witness conversation, reminds me of the times when we would go and talk with people. It seems a little easier at colleges because people are more open to discuss life topics. When we would go to places like train stations in the Boston area, people would just give you a cold shoulder and say, "I'm all set". That was a common saying. People who think that the goal in life is to be successful by having lots of $$ so they can spend it on stuff that is going to burn anyways down the road ya know? I love reading Solomon's wise words in the proverbs about that stuff!

If you could pray for the believers in New England, that would be cool. They need some extra boldness to be able to go out and witness. I know the rest of the US needs revival, but after living there 6 years, I have tasted the hardness in a deep way. People there are fearful of the human being that passes them on the street. So if you want to share Christ with someone on the street, they think that you want to sell something to them.. either because the Roman Catholic religion has given them a bad taste or something else...

anyways, this has been a long post, hope you guys have some blessed times of sharing about our Great Light!! who stepped down into darkness to give us mercy via the cross. We are so undeniably, undeserving of the mercy and grace that was given to us through Jesus Christ. Praise God.

Peace, Dave

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am so glad to have found this website. I am working on a project for my ministry and while doing research I stumbled on to your blog.
God bless you in your ministry. God is great, OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD. Do you know that Jesus would have gone to the cross if you had been the only person for whom he needed to die? That is true love!