Sunday, December 17, 2006

Pocket bibles and professing Christians

Here is another photo of Shon sharing from his bible. This time to the ladies at the coffee kiosk between classes. It's great to have a smaller pocket bible with you to share from.
Carrying your thick study bible around is probably not the most inviting object to someone who has been hurt by religion or otherwise has a negative presupposition about Christianity.
Although not pictured here, Julian was a professing Christian who I had some questions for. We all get nervous when we question another person's faith. But without judging from a personal "log in my eye" perspective we need to examine the fruit we see. Usually when someone tells me, "Oh, I'm a Christian," I probe a little deeper to see where they are at. If they are believers, they should be more than willing to talk to another Christian. Click here to listen to Julian's overall faith statement and more specifically, to what his pastor has taught him about self examination. Hint: listen for the "..if you can wake up and look at yourself.." statement.
We should not get uptight about probing a little deeper when someone says "I'm a Christian." There are plenty of religious people out there who either don't have a right understanding of the Gospel or who give a pretty weak testimony. Not to mention other sects and cults who consider themselves Christians. This should cause us to have concern as we would for anyone else. Please notice Julian's tone and attitude. I pressed him and took him through the Law yet he remained receptive. In the end he thanked me. God only knows if I told him anything that made him think, but that is where we trust the Holy Spirit to work.
Soli Deo Gloria