Thursday, December 7, 2006

Moving Along

Well, this blog is certainly seeing a lot of traffic but not many comments. They will come. To all of you who want to comment without the hassle of jumping through hoops, I have opened up the comments to everyone. Before, it was requiring that you had a Google account first. Now anyone can access and leave anonymous comments.

I’m glad to see that most of the people that responded are doing something to share Jesus with the lost. For many, sharing their faith is right up there with public speaking and paying taxes. Some would rather die. According to Bill Bright in his book Amazing Faith, only about two percent of Christians ever share their faith. This effected me personally when I had the thought of facing Jesus one day and having to give an account for why I lived in silence. I couldn't think of an answer and for years struggled with the fact that this was exactly what I was to be doing to further His kingdom. There is no greater act of love than to share the Gospel of Christ to a friend, loved one and even a stranger. People all around us are heading for a judgment that we by His grace have been spared from. Even so, there are still those close to me with whom I am terrified to witness to. If you think about it, our fears are most realized with those closest to us because we think we have more to lose. But in reality, they have everything to lose if we remain silent. True, only God draws the sinner to repentance, but what a blessing and honor to be the willing vessel of his work of amazing grace!
Thursday morning, some of our evangelism team will be going to Chandler/Gilbert Community College to hand out Gospel tracts and witness one-on-one with students. Check back for an update of our outing. God willing we will have some photos and audio to share. Above all, keep us in your prayers that God’s perfect will be done! --Robert

Soli Deo Gloria