Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Clear as mud

While listening to a popular Christian radio station, I heard a promotion for a number to call if you needed to learn more about a "relationship with Jesus Christ." Since this is exactly what StreetFishing is about, I was interested in how they would present me with the gospel. I wasn't prepared for what I was about to hear though. As a believer, this phone call left me perplexed. It didn't even closely resemble any gospel presentation I've ever heard. I wonder what the unbleliever has experienced.

The goal of this ministry is to encourage and equip others to go and share the gospel plainly and biblically. Much of what we hear today is a product of modern methods that are targeted at a specific audience and that are seeker sensitive rather than biblically sound. The peson on this call however didn't even use anything remotely seeker sensitive. He didn't make sense at all in my opinion. Let me know what you think. Listen here as Robert calls this national phone-in line.


Neil said...

Wow, what an incoherent presentation of the Gospel! It was as if this guy had a thing about Jesus' invisibility and was more focused on it than the Gospel.

What a shame that someone had the opportunity to share the Gospel and they took that approach.

Andrea Sipe said...

That was terrible!!! I cannot belive this man thinks he led you into understanding what a relationship with Jesus is. Like you said, I'm not even sure what he was talking about it. He almost sounded like a weird occultist.

Robert, I think you need to send this to the radio station that advertises this number . . . they need to know what their people are hearing. UGH!!!

Pastor Rudy said...

Hey Robert, my heart is grieved... that an unbeleiver might hear something like this in a time of need as the hope of our salvation.

It would be VERY interesting to hear what would come next after actually letting them lead you to a "relationship" with Jesus.

After hearing this, I think it's time for a new ministry adn perhaps God will give us a vision to meet this need?

Also, I agree with Andrea who said:

"Robert, I think you need to send this to the radio station that advertises this number . . . they need to know what their people are hearing."

Keep it up brother!

In His Service

Everett H. said...

Robert, That Gospel message the phone line presented you was horrific. This is why evangelism activities should be bathed in prayer and all presentations of the Gospel should be done with the power of the Holy Spirit. It is the Spirit that gives us the words and leads the conversation so that the hearer understands that God is speaking to them. This man sounded like he was presenting Jesus from his own "head knowledge" and not by the leading of the spirit. Also, this was no Gospel Message, otherwise there would have been power in his words. We should all pray that God raises up evangelists to seek and save the lost, and pray against the enemy who is attempting to keep the world in darkness. Also, I think that this phone call demonstrates the awful carnality of the modern church. God Help Us!

Anonymous said...

That was the most incoherent thing I've ever heard. I also noticed he used "it" in place of the Bible. Such as "it says he's invisible." I'm not sure the phone operator is saved himself. To clear up what he said, read the following:

You're travelling down the road in a canoe and a wheel falls off. How many flies can fit in a garbage dumpster? Purple, because ice cream doesn't have bones.

Clear as mud is right...

Chris said...

Has anyone prayed for the phone answer-guy? That he understand what the gospel really is? And perhaps believe it for himself?

Chris said...

Combing your hair at five cents a mile, how long does it take to make a doghouse out of pancakes?

Peter Roberts said...

That's shocking. I mean, the guy obviously has the right intentions, and I'm sure he was a true believer. All that he said was scriptural, maybe he had misunderstood it a bit, but it just wasn't relevant, and he was obviously determined to share his own private thoughts with you, rather than the gospel. It's a shame.
I find so often when sharing the gospel, I can fall into this trap, of sharing my recent revelations from scripture with people, when they aren't helpful. We can all fall into this trap, and we have to realise just how important a good understanding of the gospel is.

Anonymous said...

Ha..I heard this on way of the master radio..all i could do was sob lol

LorMar said...

In all honesty, I laughed so hard when I heard the rep explain what he felt salvation was (invisible, visible Christ). At the same time, it is really sad. It is so important to be armed, ready and correctly prepared.