Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Even when things go wrong

I knew almost from the start that this interview wasn't going exactly the way I wanted it to. After playing the recording back I cringed to hear myself talking to this student. I seemed to be beating around the apologetic bush. Kevin was hung up on "religion" and although I kept swinging away from that, he didn't seem to get that I wasn't trying to sign him up for church or something. Although I left frustrated, I know that I can learn from it and despite my bad preaching, God can use it to His glory. After all, he does the convicting and saving.
My point in all this is to show that bad encounters will happen. Some are absolute train wrecks but we keep on anyway, learning from our mistakes. This is why I ask (sometimes beg) for feedback. I want to know how to share the Gospel more effectively and learn from encounters that don't go so well. God willing, I won't make the same mistakes too often. Listen here as I witness to Kevin the skeptic.

NOTE: Their is an expletive near the end of this interview that was not edited out. Soon I will be using editing software avoid posting inappropriate language.

Soli Deo Gloria



Pastor Chris said...

Things go wrong so often in our coversations. We make the gospel as clear as mud, instead of clear as crystal.

But God is more sovereign than all our flubbery. After all, He is the one who is at work drawing folks unto Himself. We simply get to have the privelge of helping.

I commend you on your efforts to engage.

Pastor Chris
Evangelism Coach