Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Christian bookstore clerk

A few weeks ago I posted an audio of a conversation I had with a national call-in line advertised on a Christian radio station. It might have been the most lacking “gospel” explanation I have ever heard. If anything, it was just a confused mess; Words and sentences that barely made any sense at all. The response from listeners was very interesting. Some mocked and laughed and others voiced concern and sadness. They wondered how this could be considered a gospel presentation at all. Whatever your response, the truth is that it was a sobering exposure of how unspecific the gospel has become to many. This was an individual who was presumably trained for witnessing.

Since then I have asked other professing Christians what it means to be born again. You might be surprised by their answers. Hopefully this will make you think about how you would answer. What if you were standing before Jesus tonight and asked this question by Him? This audio is a very short, but it gives an idea of what is happening in the church. I’m afraid as I continue asking the question, I will continue to get confused and ambiguous answers. Please listen to this audio and let it challenge you to be able to answer the question with confidence. Keep checking my journal page for my new article coming soon on “Giving an answer.”


Thursday, February 8, 2007

Street witness using the law

Last week we heard a trainwreck of a witness encounter. The phone evangelist was giving a baffling and sorely lacking "gospel" presentation. After hearing that, all I could do was marvel in disbelief and apparently, many of you felt the same because boy, did the emails and comments come in!

Watch this video of Ray Comfort using the Law, the 10 commandments to bring about the knowledge of sin to this young man on Seal Beach. He begins with an ice breaker to move from the natural to the spiritual. "Can you name any of the ten commandments?" The young man rattles off a few. Then basically, Ray puts him through the good person test. "Have you kept them?" He goes through several to show the young man his standing before God. After admitting guilt, he's asked, "Will you be innocent or guilty?" "Guilty" "Will you go to heaven or hell?" "Heaven." Soon he changes his answer. "Hell" "Does that concern you?" "Yes,yes it does" "Do you know why Jesus died on the cross? "Do you know what you must do?"

What is truly interesting about this video is the change of countenance of the young man. He goes from being pretty light hearted to being visibly convicted. He shows his concern and knows that he must believe in(put on) Christ and repent for his sins before a righteous and holy God if he is to escape the judgement to come. Go to my personal journal page to read my article on what should happen when someone is born again.