Monday, April 16, 2007

Backsliding atheist

Here is some ecouragement for those of us who have felt intimidated by the atheist argument. Chances are you know more about your faith than they do about Darwin’s evolutionary model or the Big Bang. One of the easiest ways to derail the evolution argument is to ask them to state their favorite piece of scientific evidence. It catches them off gaurd and furthermore, there isn’t any. They are usually swinging blindly when they try to give evidence for what they believe. Unlike the picture above, they never make the connection and win the prize. It will eventially end in eternal regret.

Listen here to a good example from Way of The Master Radio. Ray Comfort talks to a student who hasn’t got much in the way of a defense for his Darwinistic faith…and make no mistake; That’s what it is, a beief system. As the interview progresses, this young man proves what is actually very common. They have nothing to support their position. Especially when compared to light of God’s truth. Please pray that God softens this young person's heart.

Soli Deo Gloria


Monday, April 2, 2007

Frustration on Mill Ave.

I thought awhile before posting this audio for a couple of different reasons. First, at the time, I thought the entire encounter was a total failure. Secondly, because of technical reasons, it ends abruptly after about ten minutes. As you will hear, there was a kind of a mish-mash of things happening all at once. While the group pretty much stuck with the topic, it was peppered with silly remarks and distractions. At one point, one guy in their group actually ate the bible tract I gave him. Listening to it now, I am surprised at how I managed to stay on task and that is why I am posting it now. It had to be the Holy Spirit because I'm not that patient.

At times, a conversation will go in a direction you don't want or expect. Especially when there are several people you are talking to at once. Comments and questions come in all at once and often times there is a nervous tension. The key is to stay focused on the gospel you are trying to share. Avoid intellectual argument and stick with the conscience and quote the bible whenever you can either exactly or paraphrased. Notice my reaction to his statement "God hates me."

In the end, I got as far as using the law to bring sin to light, but my iPod microphone got pulled out before the interview ended. Hopefully, the lesson here is to stay on track as best you can when conversations get difficult. Even if it ends up like this one, God can and will use it to His glory. Click here to listen.