Tuesday, May 8, 2007

New Age Spring Break

This is Sedona, Arizona. It's a town known for it's beautiful views and peaceful surroundings. It's also known by New Age spirtualists as a hot spot for mystical activity. New Age is a relatively new expression encompassing Eastern philosophy, mystical traditions, Native American beliefs, Celtic Goddess worship and psychic phenomena.

I had planned to witness to someone in a New Age shop where they sell books, crystals and other objects. However, after hanging around for fifteen minutes or so, I got really uncomfortable with the conversation the owner was having with a couple of college students about her channeling capabilities where she was able to communicate with the dead. I decided to hit the downtown tourist shops instead. That's where I met Justin, a teenager visiting with his family from Texas. Take note of what Justin did to the gospel tract I gave him. I think our conversation had him a little nervous. Hopefully that was the Holy Spirit convicting his conscience. Please pray for Justin.