Monday, June 11, 2007

Keep The Change

I was driving home on Saturday and decided to take a route that I only occasionally use. As I turned onto the street, I noticed a blue Dodge Durango pulled over and a woman waving frantically for me to pull over. I did, and it turned out that she was out of gas with three small kids and late for an appointment. Summer temperatures in the Phoenix area get well into the 100's, so naturally she was in a potentially dangerous situation as there were no gas stations or stores within walking distance. I told her that I lived a mile away and had a gas can at home and that I could fill it and be back in fifteen minutes. She insisted that I take some money as she put the bills in my hand. The container only held a gallon anyway and I figured the least I could do was pay for it. Then I would sneak the money back onto the seat or something. She waited with her kids while I was off to get the gas. On the way I was trying to think of how I could witness, what I could say. It seemed that in the heat and given her rush, it would be awkward any way I put it. Then on the way back, it hit me; Just slip a million dollar bill tract among the bills I would be returning....she would eventually find it and know I put it there. When I returned, she insisted I keep the money. I told her that I was a Christian and it wasn't necessary, this is what we do. She thanked me profusely and got on her way.
I’m guilty of thinking in the past that a tract left or given without further follow up was “the easy way out.” But this experience taught me the value of a tract well placed. Sometimes a conversation is not possible, practical or sensitive. A good tract though, will share the Gospel, and since it's the work of The Holy Spirit anyway, we can still rest in our obedience.

Soli Deo Gloria


Mijadedios said...

Excellent Site! I love those tracks too! I like to leave them with tips at restaurants. Or randomly drop them where there are a lot of people. Time is short hugh! We gotta do what we can. May the Lord Bless you and your ministry here. When you get time look at other postings of mine, they're not all 'disturbing!'
Your Friend and Sister in Christ,

Brook Nash said...

That's awesome! Totally God in that you don't usually take that route. Great idea!

I love the blog..very encouraging! Keep up the good work for Him!
In Christ,