Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Warm Welcome to GBL Ministries and Deliver Detroit Blog

I'd like to inroduce a partnering ministry that is very like minded with StreetFishing in seeking and saving the lost as well as equipping the saints for the harvest. Here is their mission statement as found on the Deliver Detroit blog.

"We serve the Saints and minister to the unsaved of Metro-Detroit. Our purpose is
to seek and save the lost in the city of Detroit and it's surrounding suburbs.
We also aim to equip, teach, train, and recruit the saints to evangelize the
lost.We also aim to inform those within the walls of the contemporary church
that are trapped within the 'edifice complex' that mystifies and misleads them
into believing they have salvation through works instead of by grace. We believe
the utmost significant threat against the truth today is the false truth and
teachers leading the unknowing astray and one of our goals is to call out the
Lord's sheep from amongst the goats."
Please notice their link on the sidebar and vistit often for compelling and interesting articles concerning the church today.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

And Now The Gospel...Almost

Up to this point, I have generally shared with younger people. They seem a lot more open to discussing matters of eternity. Nowhere else has this been the case than on the college campuses. This night however, I was at the Chandler Fashion Center Mall near the Harkins theaters when I encountered Ed and Lorraine. Both were probably in their late fifties or early sixties and our conversation went well for awhile until Ed had had enough of the Law. Just before I was about to get to the Good News of God’s grace in Christ, Ed shut down the conversation and gave back the million dollar bill tracts I had given each of them. As I listened to the audio before posting, I am sure that Ed was hit hard with my comment about creating his own god that only reflected gentle and passive attributes. Even though he was rejecting the truth and not me, it was still hard to see him shut down like he did. I wanted so much to finish giving him the Good News. Listen here as I witness to Ed and Lorraine and please pray for them both.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Follow The "Christ"

Yesterday, my doorbell rang. One of my children came in running, "It's a man and a woman!" She had peeked out the side window, as I was about to do, to see who would want to pay us an unannounced visit on a Saturday afternoon. As I peered out, I saw the familiar look; Suit and tie for the man, and a dress for the woman, neither of which looked very comfortable for the 110 degree weather here in the Phoenix area. By now, it was obvious that it was another visit from the Jehovah's Witnesses. As always, I felt unprepared yet wanting to do my best in giving them the true Gospel. I didn't know how this would turn out but I opened the door anyway. To my surprise, they weren't here preaching their creative scripture interpretations, no, they were here to invite me to their upcoming conference. I politely took their flyer and they promptly walked off.

I took a quick glance at the flyer and found something familiar about the wording:

How can following the Christ help you to

  • Improve family life
  • Deal with life's difficult problems?

  • Draw closer to God?

  • Oppose the Devil?

  • Gain everlasting life?

I thought about it for a moment and then it hit me. It bore a striking resembelance to those well written, glossy slick post cards I get from any number of the newest seeker friendly churches popping up all over my community. It's worded to appeal to my felt needs. That is, it's designed to attract me for what the church can do for me and my family. What a sorry state of affairs it is when one of the most corrupted psuedo-Christian cults has caught on to the marketing efforts of much of the modern evangelical church.

Instead of mailing out invitations that emphasize the teaching and preaching of God's Word and the sanctity of spirit filled worship, they have promoted "relevant messages" and a rocking praise band along with a fun place for your children to be entertained. And now that seeker friendly model has been shown to draw in the crowds, to grow churches from public school auditoriums to megachurches in no time flat, the cults have caught on to the marketing and the selling of faith. And to the unbleiever, this flyer from The Watchtower looks just like the modern American Evangelistic model. A new deception from the father of lies.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Transplant Ministries sets sights on controversial creation museum

I'l like to depart from my normal format to give a hats off to Marcus Pittman at Transplant Ministries for creating the promotional video trailer for StreetFishing. His talents and efforts are greatly appreciated. He and a friend are about to embark on a grass roots adventure to the the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum. I'll let him describe what their adventure will consist of.


Remember when Oprah and Gayle went on a road trip across the country with no real purpose or motivation? Now imagine if they were two Southern Baptist Christian Fundamentalist and oh yea, guys! Transplant Ministries will be going to the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum, in which we will document witness encounters and debates about Creation/Evolution along the way. Hitting several Truck Stops and those really fancy combination McDonald's/Gas Stops, we will visit several people along the bible belt of VA and KY, passing out tracts and spreading the Amazing News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a unique. and hopefully humorous way, "Spot and Marcus travel to the Creation Museum" is sure to transform Christian Reality.
To find out how you can help visit contact www.transplantministries.com