Tuesday, July 24, 2007

And Now The Gospel...Almost

Up to this point, I have generally shared with younger people. They seem a lot more open to discussing matters of eternity. Nowhere else has this been the case than on the college campuses. This night however, I was at the Chandler Fashion Center Mall near the Harkins theaters when I encountered Ed and Lorraine. Both were probably in their late fifties or early sixties and our conversation went well for awhile until Ed had had enough of the Law. Just before I was about to get to the Good News of God’s grace in Christ, Ed shut down the conversation and gave back the million dollar bill tracts I had given each of them. As I listened to the audio before posting, I am sure that Ed was hit hard with my comment about creating his own god that only reflected gentle and passive attributes. Even though he was rejecting the truth and not me, it was still hard to see him shut down like he did. I wanted so much to finish giving him the Good News. Listen here as I witness to Ed and Lorraine and please pray for them both.


C. Shearer said...

Prayers going out. I used to live in Chandler; it's too bad we couldn't get together and fish...keep up the good work.