Monday, July 9, 2007

Transplant Ministries sets sights on controversial creation museum

I'l like to depart from my normal format to give a hats off to Marcus Pittman at Transplant Ministries for creating the promotional video trailer for StreetFishing. His talents and efforts are greatly appreciated. He and a friend are about to embark on a grass roots adventure to the the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum. I'll let him describe what their adventure will consist of.


Remember when Oprah and Gayle went on a road trip across the country with no real purpose or motivation? Now imagine if they were two Southern Baptist Christian Fundamentalist and oh yea, guys! Transplant Ministries will be going to the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum, in which we will document witness encounters and debates about Creation/Evolution along the way. Hitting several Truck Stops and those really fancy combination McDonald's/Gas Stops, we will visit several people along the bible belt of VA and KY, passing out tracts and spreading the Amazing News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a unique. and hopefully humorous way, "Spot and Marcus travel to the Creation Museum" is sure to transform Christian Reality.
To find out how you can help visit contact