Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Warm Welcome to GBL Ministries and Deliver Detroit Blog

I'd like to inroduce a partnering ministry that is very like minded with StreetFishing in seeking and saving the lost as well as equipping the saints for the harvest. Here is their mission statement as found on the Deliver Detroit blog.

"We serve the Saints and minister to the unsaved of Metro-Detroit. Our purpose is
to seek and save the lost in the city of Detroit and it's surrounding suburbs.
We also aim to equip, teach, train, and recruit the saints to evangelize the
lost.We also aim to inform those within the walls of the contemporary church
that are trapped within the 'edifice complex' that mystifies and misleads them
into believing they have salvation through works instead of by grace. We believe
the utmost significant threat against the truth today is the false truth and
teachers leading the unknowing astray and one of our goals is to call out the
Lord's sheep from amongst the goats."
Please notice their link on the sidebar and vistit often for compelling and interesting articles concerning the church today.