Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ten Four and Centurion Papers

TenFour Ministries is the work of retired Los Angeles Sheriff’s department deputy Tony Miano. His mission there is to provide practical and spiritual support to the law enforcement community. If you or anyone you know is in law enforcement, there is a wealth of knowledge an resources to be had there including his newest book “Take up the Shield.”

Tony currently serves as a volunteer Chaplain for the agency he served for twenty years as well as being a full time missionary sharing the gospel locally and abroad. He can be heard weekly on The Way of The Master radio program in their “street fishing” segments. Tony also maintains a blog at The Centurion Papers where he writes articles and editorials as well as discussing various experiences in open-air preaching and street evangelism encounters.

Tony’s ministry and counsel have been a great encouragement to me and my work here and I would like to personally thank and welcome him as a friend and partner to StreetFishing.