Friday, September 7, 2007

The limits of a stretch

Okay, I guess this post will forever put me in the category of a stuffy old fundamentalist. It might even be the blackball that keeps me from a future in youth ministry. At least, in any emergent or post modern setting. It's not even really about the style of music, I can tolerate that if the message is good. The question I have concerning this video, from Family Force 5, a professing Christian band, is what is the height of the spiritual message? Is it when the lead singer begins to writhe on the floor screaming, or at the end when they destroy the set? Which part exactly glorifies the King of the universe?

I found an interview they had with Their take on evangelism is sad. I can't find anything in the bible about their method. It's just a train wreck. Since biblical evangelism is what StreetFishing is about, I thought I'd address this here. Here is the part of the interview that really disturbed me. You can find it in it's entirety at

Please pray for professing Christians in the public eye who have cheapened the Gospel and muddied up God's kind plan and provision. God's program is so simple yet some have tried to strip it of it's power either through deception or plain ignorance. Also pray for the youth who are influenced by the message and methodology of bands like this.

JFH: How about your thoughts on Christian/non-Christian venues? Because we've
seen you at the bar in New York which was very different than say, a more
Christian venue like the Gotee Showcase last night.

Soul Glow Activatur: The
Family Force 5 believes that we love all people and it doesn't matter what venue
it's in, if it's in a club, or in a church. We love these people no matter what.
We give them the same show, same message, same interaction, same way we're gonna
hang out, no matter who they are - if they don't love Jesus, if they do love
Jesus. Because that's the only way that we can reach everyone. And that's the
way we're planting seeds in people who don't know Jesus. So that's kind of where
our hearts lie on venues. It's not a big deal. I love it when a crowd's going
crazy. Doesn't matter if it's a club or if it's at a Christian event. The thing
is we're still worshipping God no matter what. So it doesn't matter what house
we're in. That house is the Lord's house.

· JFH: Have you
had any cool after-show witnessing experiences?

Soul Glow Activatur: Yes,
we've actually lead a couple people to the Lord. We talked to this club owner in
Ohio and he's like, "Man, I don't go to church at all and you guys didn't really
seem that 'Christian,' but I know you are. Cause I can tell just by the way you
guys were walking and stuff." And he said, "Is that right? I've never done any
background checks on you so I don't know anything about your band but for some
reason, that's what it seems like. Is that true?" And I'm like "Yeah, we love
Jesus. That's what we believe in." He's like, "If more Christians were like you
guys, that's something I'd really get into." And I said, "Man, you don't worry
cause there's a whole movement of our kind of people that are more loving and
more accepting of you immediately. You don't have to go to church, but if you
want to learn more about this kind of stuff, hit us up with an email or give me
a call on my cell phone." So there's those kinds of conversations that we're
able to carry on with people that don't know Christ. We get those witnessing
opportunities all the time at clubs. But, y'know, at the churches too. The thing
is you can't let your guard down no matter what. It's like "Oh, I'm not gonna
work as hard cause I'm in a church and all these people people are saved." It's
not true. There are people there who are not saved.