Thursday, October 4, 2007

Dear Pastor; An open letter

The following article was posted by Tony Miano over at The Centurion Papers blog You can learn more about him on his profile there. He is well gifted in discernment, counseling and evangelism. I hold Tony in the highest regard for being compelled by the truth of the scriptures and his unyielding resolve to honor Jesus Christ. Because of his loving tone yet strong rebuke, I believe this letter is worthy of further distribution. My hope is that it will not only open a few more eyes to what is happening in the evangelical church today, but perhaps serve as an example of how to communicate such concerns. The article below introduces the letter Tony wrote to Pastor Rusty George concerning a troubling message he delivered to a congregation about evangelism.

"On Sunday, September 2, a brother in Christ contacted me. He heard a sermon preached at his church, by a visiting pastor. My friend was bothered by the sermon's content--specifically what he felt was a man-centered approach to evangelism that did not include the proclamation of the Law and the Gospel. He asked me to watch the video podcast of the sermon and he requested my feedback."
Read the entire article here.