Monday, November 26, 2007

Mission: New York - Perfect Yanna

This was a witness encounter I had with Yanna outside of Grand Central Station. He seemed interested until the weight of the commandments began to challenge his conscience, then he was suddenly ready to leave. It was raining and we were huddled underneath the covered entrance way, but I guess he was more willing to get wet than to face his sin. By far, the most difficult and heartbreaking aspect of this witness encounter was his unwillingness to acknowledge any sin at all. Please pray for Yanna and that the Holy Spirit would work in his conscience.


Patrick Burwell said...

Hello Robert! Nice to see a brother hitting the streets in NY City.
Yanna is like a lot of people.
I was hitting the street OA preaching
Black Friday and ran into many such.
Check out and let's get together when we can!
Patrick Burwell

Anonymous said...

He may not have appeared receptive, but you never really know how the conversation affected him. I'd bet he's thinking back it. It's not an easy thing to believe you are perfect only to find out you aren't.

Anonymous said...

Do you think there was a language barrier?