Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mission: New York

My break from posting has been due to both staying in vacation mode and problems with my computer, but now that I'm fully acclimated to the reality of work and my Dell seems stable, there's lots to report. My next several posts will center on my experiences in New York City.

To celebrate our fifteen years of marriage, my wife and I took a trip to New York. Most of our time was spent in Montauk and the Hamptons in general on the east end of Long Island. We found a church family at Community Bible Church. Community Bible is within the family of Calvary Chapels and is situated in beautiful Sag Harbor. Thanks to Pastor Doug Kinney and everyone there that made us feel so welcome and at home.

Our trip also took us to New York City twice; The day after we flew in, and the day before we left. Both days presented many opportunities to share the Gospel one on one with individuals and also open air to many. Actually, the air wasn't too open where I preached--on the subway once the doors closed! I don't pretend to be a polished open air preacher and this first audio proves it. I was so nervous that you can hear my voice was considerably higher in tone than normal. I also didn't have any idea how long to the next stop so I was racing against the clock. Listen here as I share the Gospel with a captive audience--literally. This was actually only my second time doing open air preaching ever. Praise God for His direction.

Note: My nervous referance to "my Jewish brother" was the sudden realization that there was a young man wearing a Yarmulke(skullcap)in the audience.


Tony Miano said...

I almost cried. Yes, I could here your nervousness. But what I heard more, what I heard louder and clearer than your nervousness, was your love for Christ and your love for the lost people on that subway train. Your voice was filled with care and compassion. Remember, courage is not the absence of fear; but moving forward in spite of the fear. You honored Christ in the open-air. Thank you for your faithfulness. You are an encouragement to me.

Jay Cam said...

congrats on 15 years of marriage!