Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mission: New York- Raymond

I met Raymond at Grand Central Station in New York and was surprised to hear that he "used to be a Christian." I think I was preparing to deal with what is often referred to as an "inoculated Christian." That is, someone who seems to know all the ins and outs of Christianity but somehow still got lost in the fray. Inoculated Christians are actually harder to talk to than non believers. They often have a warped understanding of the bible and especially of the Gospel. Either that or what they say all sounds good, but something still seems to be missing from their testimony.

It may be that an individual like this has heard some form or fashion of the modern gospel being preached today. A feelgood gospel with a promise of a happy life, good marriage and a great paying job with little mention of God's anger toward sin and the trouble we're in. Often times people have been offered the cure (Jesus Christ) without being given knowledge of the disease (sin) and the consequences (Hell). Until a sinner knows how bad his sin is, and how reasonable Hell is, he cannot fully comprehend the kind gift that God has delivered in the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Listen here as I share the Gospel with Raymond.


Anonymous said...

If you're ever in NYC again, visit Times Square Church. You'll find it worth a visit.

Louie Mercer, Frank Mercer and Mike Ellis: The Church for Men Dudes said...

I respect your courage and boldness!