Tuesday, January 29, 2008


This encounter was submitted by my friend Everett Higgenbotham. He and His partner in ministry, Joe, have teamed up to share the Gospel with the afflicted, homeless and drug addicted people living in the streets of Phoenix, Arizona.

Please pray for Everett and Joe as they seek to offer God's kind provision for the lost and hurting. --Robert

January 20th, 2008

Every Sunday for the last several months we have been going out and doing street evangelism on Van Buren Street. Each time that we have gone out there, the Holy Spirit has continued to show up in power. . Each encounter is such a unique story. Each one an individual life that we have been allowed to witness and see, even in some small way, the transformation in their lives through The Holy Spirit. But some stories are just so overwhelming that they just have to be shared. Today, one man in particular named Ruben stands out above the rest. We went to CAS, a homeless shelter off of Van Buren that is filled with thousands of people. There are so many people that they have three overflow locations adjacent to the building that are also completely filled. This is where Everett, myself, and his son, Justin went at around four o'clock in the afternoon (dinnertime for the people in the area) and where we would hand out 10 Bibles and over a hundred gospel tracts to the people on the streets. The area is known by the local people as “the zone.” Some of them are high, or getting high, on crack, meth, marijuana and alcohol, as we attempt to spread the good news of Jesus. It was here that we ran into a man who was addicted to heroin yet was clean for three days and said he knew The Lord. He was at the end of his rope and wanted out of “the zone.” As we often hear, he had just recently been praying to the Lord when we showed up. At the time, we just prayed that Father God would provide him with his Spirit and that he would be a powerful witness for the Lord. To be honest, this is a standard prayer of ours for people. We then moved on to the other hundreds of people on the street. Ruben asked if we could get him out of there and give him a ride to a local church that was going to provide him with enough money to get him home. We agreed, and after finishing our walk, and our witnessing, we took him over to the church where he said that he would receive a ride. We left him with one gospel tract that had a dollar bill in it and several other tracts to read. Later, we received a call from him saying that he had been abandoned at a restaurant. As we pulled up to him, I was surprised to see he was witnessing to a gentleman, who was in tears after he had been given that one special dollar that Ruben had received from us on the street. What a sight to see him so on fire with the Lord. I then proceeded to take him to the bus station to buy him a ticket so that he could get back to his hometown and get off of the street. As we were going into the bus terminal for his ticket, he was so on fire for the Lord that he could not stop speaking about Jesus to the people behind us and in front of us, and even to the lady at the counter. It was incredible to see and even more incredible when Scripture started to come out of his mouth. What a sight to see that although the people were not so receptive to hearing the Word, it did not faze him in the least. What a blessing it was for me to witness our prayers being answered. What a sight to see such a change, so quickly from what little love we showed him. I pray now for Ruben’s deliverance from addiction and his continued faithfulness to The Lord Jesus.


Andrea Sipe said...

AWESOME testimony!! I love to see God at work . . . what a blessing - thank you for sharing!