Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Welcome E-Vangie Tales

A warm welcome to our new friends over at E-Vangie Tales. Thanks to Steve Sanchez for his support and prayers! Please visit his site often for "Morbidity, profundity, absurdity, and eternity."

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Encouragement from Jerome

One of the reasons I created this blog was to encourage, motivate and mobilize believers to share the gospel with a dying world. This is an email I got from a reader that reminded me how much of an encouragement it is to me when I hear of people actually taking up this great commission set before us.

Hi Robert, My name is Jerome Adams and I have read your blogs and noticed you live in Arizona. I too live in Arizona (Phoenix). I also notice that your are affiliated with The Way of The Master. Recently I have listened to Hells Best Kept Secret and many of WOTM’s video lessons and audio lessons and they have revamped the way I witness. I have been saved for four years and I never thought about how to effectively and biblically evangelize. My wife and I have been “Mall Fishing” at Metro Center Mall every Friday, and God has moved supernaturally by the work of the Holy Spirit every time. I have been amazed at how people are humbled and impacted by the way we present the Gospel now: Law and then Grace. I have just decided to purchase some Million Dollar Bills from Living Waters' website. I was also thinking about purchasing some of the illusion cards, if you could e mail me to give me some advice on how to use those I would greatly appreciate it and would probably feel more comfortable buying those. I have been so encouraged and stirred up to be more of a witness and have had a renewed zeal for the lost and being about the Fathers business. After hearing the teachings the WOTM provides, it is also exciting to see that you and your camp our are hitting the streets of Arizona as well. Robert, the reason for the e mail is that I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know that there is a brother and sister in Christ being a light- with you in this part of a dark and dying world known as Arizona. I look foreword to hearing from you.

Grace and Peace,

Your Brother in Christ Jesus

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Postmodern frog

Often times I run across people who have a post-modern mind set. That is, their thoughts on religion, morals, right or wrong are based on relative individual perception. It's an "If it's right for you than I'm happy for you" mentality. And so it is with Christianity in their estimation. They will dissagree with the claims of the bible or Jesus but they won't tell me I'm wrong. Or, they will assert that a particular bible verse is only my interpretation. My answer to that is usually something like this: "Jesus said to him, I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me." (John 14:6) How do you interpret that?

The problem is that we can't get away from the fact that the Bible and the claims of Jesus are exclusive. Some might call it intolerant or judgemental, but if we didn't make that distinction, then life would look something like this frog----er, orange, no, wait....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Revival and the Moon

Have you ever studied the moon? Its purpose is to be a light in the night, and it gives light by reflecting the sun. The Church is like the moon. We reflect the light of God in the darkness of this sinful world. But there is another side to the moon. It has an invisible gravitational pull that affects the tides of the earth. With God's help, the Church can affect the tides of revival on this earth. Revival is merely the Church doing what it should. Can you imagine what would happen if every Christian became passionate about sharing his or her faith; if every Christian said "For me to live is Christ" and they witnessed biblically? We would have revival. So today, pray for laborers, and encourage other Christians to reach out to the lost. There goes another munute, gone forever. Go share your faith while you still have time.

Thanks to Edwin Lo for submitting this from a Way of The Master Minute.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A sunset(rise) every second

This is a post from Ray Comfort's Comfort food blog. Thanks Ray, for a great insight into yet another wonderful detail in God's creation!

Did you know that the sun sets 24 hours a day? Every minute of every single day, the sun is setting somewhere on this earth. Did you know that at the same time the sun is rising 24 hours a day? Every minute of every single day the sun is rising somewhere on this earth. There is such order in creation that anywhere on this earth, each sunrise and sunset, can be predicted to the very second, a hundred years from now. There is such order, the ball of fire that sits 93 million miles away in space, is so positioned that it’s just warm enough to ripen your tomatoes. It is so big that this massive earth fits into its volume over a million times. Yet our sun is just a tiny speck, compared to some of the other "suns" in space. How great is our God!No man should call another man a “fool;” that’s the Creator’s prerogative . . . and He reserves that for the person who believes that all this happened by accident (unplanned). They violate the fundamental law of science, by maintaining that nothing created something. Atheism is intellectual suicide, but it’s more than that. It is a suicide that is fueled by rebellion against God’s Moral Law (see Romans 8:7).

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Found in translation

This story is from Edwin Lo. It happened on his mission trip to Japan last fall. Please pray for Edwin's continued faithfulness and for these young ladies.

Here a picture of some people who wanted to recieve Christ. I talked to the two girls in blue and shared the law and gospel. They wanted to pray, got Bibles and a contact number for the church there. The best thing about this story is that earlier before I met them, I prayed for an interpeter, and he suprisingly showed up right before I engaged the two young ladies and we were able to share. Glory to God! They said they never heard about Jesus dying on the cross or why he did. now they know, praise the Lord.

Edwin Lo

Monday, February 4, 2008

Superbowl of Worship

Here's another great adventure from Rob-roy Nelson and his team at the Superbowl in Glendale, Arizona. Check out creativity he's come up with to reach the lost. Keep up the good work team!

Today we went up to the site of Super Bowl XLII to reach out to the crowds that were on hand the day before the big game. Hank, Steven, Austin, Damon and his son Eric joined in as we teamed up to give away more than 500 Got Thirst water bottles and hundreds of tracts in just a few hours of time. In addition to the water bottles we set up Got Thirst signs and a table that included free New Testaments, Gospel of John's and Just Stop and Think DVD's (see to view what is on the 15 minute DVD).

We were able to set up right next to the stadium at about 10 AM. We met a lot of people as the NFL Experience event was drawing crowds. Heavy security saturated the area but we were left alone. Nobody moved us or told us to breakdown our set up. In fact we were able to provide a lot of those workers with waters and they were thankful. I marveled as fans from across the country arrived on the scene. Most of course from the New York and Massachusetts as it is the New York Giants and New England Patriots in the big game.

Since we were so close to the stadium we were able to help a number of people take pictures in front of the stadium and talk with them. A common theme developed as many fans viewed their trip to the big game as a once in a lifetime event to be cherished. A chance to be part of history. They were very reverent of this time and place and were soaking it all in. In other words we were able to witness people in devout worship.

We went through 500 plus bottles in only 2 hours. Damon and Eric made quick friends with people coming from the east while Hank and Steven had the crowd coming from the west covered. Austin and I helped make sure we had more bottles prepared to replace those that were being snapped up and did our share of handing them out. A lot of people were amazed that they would find water free at of all places the Super Bowl location. It really took a few people some extra encouragement that we were giving them away as a gift. One of our favorite lines was "this will probably be the only free thing you get all day". That got laughs. The Super Bowl prices were crazy. At the NFL Experience the same 16.9 oz bottle was listed at $4.00. For that price you can get about 24 bottles at most stores. But I digress.

Steven was able to have a deep talk with a middle age man that was willing to talk. Steven asked him what he thought about the message he read on the Got Thirst water bottle. As he talked with Steven he said he believed that good people go to heaven and that he was a good person. He was open to listening as Steven asked him questions and shared with him that the bible states that there is "none good, not one." As Steven lovingly took him through God's justice and perfect standard the man was then able to understand how rich the grace and good news of the cross is. When Steven told him of his fine being paid by Jesus the man was clearly moved. Please pray for him.

I was able to talk with a two of the parking security attendants that were in our area and who came over to our table. They were very open. One was very thankful for getting a DVD and New Testament. I did an illusion for them using the Pink and Blue curved tracts. Side by side the curved cards do not look the same size (although they are) so when you switch them to different sides it looks like one grew and the other shrunk. It really tricks your eyes. When I did the trick a few times asking them which was bigger the Pink or the Blue they were amazed. As I explained how the illusion works one of they guys turned to the other with relief saying "I thought for a minute maybe we shouldn't have smoked so much of that stuff last night".

I asked them "Have you heard it said 'seeing is believing?' " They nodded yes. "Well even that's not true as your own eyes could not be trusted" I continued. "Your eyes told you that you were right about these cards but they were wrong. They could not be trusted. When it comes to going to Heaven what are you trusting. You do not want to think you are right but get it wrong by trusting in the wrong thing. Eternity is a long time to be wrong." Both guys nodded. The taller man seemed very convicted and searching as we talked about the importance of the gospel message on the material we gave them.

As the water bottles ran out and we packed up our signs we then went walking around handing out tracts. As we headed to the NFL Experience it was Damon who was able to hand out Million Dollar bill tracts to a lot of people. He had a great time asking complete strangers if they could give him change for a big bill. Then when they saw the Million Dollar bill the look on their face was priceless.

As we got to the line to enter the NFL Experience they had a special line for VIP's. I asked people in line "is this for the VIP's?" They said yes. I told them that the VIP's get special Million Dollar bills today and handed out a number of them to eager recipients. One man read the gospel message on the back out loud for all within the area to hear.

Inside the NFL Experience the worship fest continued. People paying homage to all aspects of communion with football and it's teams and heroes. It was an all out, over the top, first class, hands on, NFL entertainment at it's finest and a who's who of corporate sponsorship. Flat screen HD TV's everywhere. Live TV broadcasts everywhere. We even saw Keyshawn Johnson (former NFL wide receiver for many team including Dallas) and Steven was able to offer him a Million Dollar bill. He declined it as he was moving pretty fast to avoid getting stuck in the crowd. Perhaps he has real Million Dollar bills from his playing days?

Damon then handed a Million Dollar bill to a guy who recognized it because he also hands them out. He attends a church in the downtown area and we were able to encourage each other for a little bit. As we made our way out of the NFL event there were long lines waiting to get in. I took out a pack of Million Dollar bills (100 of them) and fanned them out. As I went down the line people looked at them. Money gets the world's attention so it was not hard to hand them out as people were stuck waiting and they were bored. I went through all 100 in about 2 minutes.

Then to help the time go by for what was at least a 1 hour wait for these fans I pulled out the Pink and Blue curved illusion cards to get a smile and also share the gospel with a section of the line. Then as we kept walking it seemed the line would never end. I pulled out my Ticket to Heaven tracts and held them in the air in the middle of a sea of humanity. I said "I am giving away these tickets for free, I only have a few left, who wants one?" Hands went up all over the place and in less than a minute they were all gone. We had people disappointed they did not receive a gospel tract.

Just then we saw a man carrying a big cross on his right shoulder and walking with it through the middle of the crowd. Steven talked with him as he walked. The story is that he and two other friends fly to major events to bring their crosses and carry them as they do a prayer walk around the site of events like the Super Bowl. And they are also able to share the gospel as many people will stop them to ask questions.

So that is how the day at the Super Bowl site ended. It ended at the cross. Which also where my punishment and God's wrath for my sin ended... at the cross. Which is also where his love, mercy and grace shined brightest... at the cross. As we prayed we thanked God for the blessing of such a wonderful day to share his message of salvation with a dying world.

Please join us in praying for the many people we came in contact with. Before today their biggest desire was to be at the big game and to be a fan of the winning team. Our prayer is that their hearts would be changed by God so that they pass from death to life and into heaven. Now that would be Super!