Thursday, February 14, 2008

A sunset(rise) every second

This is a post from Ray Comfort's Comfort food blog. Thanks Ray, for a great insight into yet another wonderful detail in God's creation!

Did you know that the sun sets 24 hours a day? Every minute of every single day, the sun is setting somewhere on this earth. Did you know that at the same time the sun is rising 24 hours a day? Every minute of every single day the sun is rising somewhere on this earth. There is such order in creation that anywhere on this earth, each sunrise and sunset, can be predicted to the very second, a hundred years from now. There is such order, the ball of fire that sits 93 million miles away in space, is so positioned that it’s just warm enough to ripen your tomatoes. It is so big that this massive earth fits into its volume over a million times. Yet our sun is just a tiny speck, compared to some of the other "suns" in space. How great is our God!No man should call another man a “fool;” that’s the Creator’s prerogative . . . and He reserves that for the person who believes that all this happened by accident (unplanned). They violate the fundamental law of science, by maintaining that nothing created something. Atheism is intellectual suicide, but it’s more than that. It is a suicide that is fueled by rebellion against God’s Moral Law (see Romans 8:7).