Monday, March 17, 2008

El Evangelio (The Gospel)

We spent the first part of our spring break in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) Mexico. Fausto was one of the many vendors on the beach. Here he is showing my wife some of his wares as they bargain for a fair deal. My wife agreed to buy some silver bracelets as long as he would talk to me afterward. Fausto agreed and I shared the Gospel with him as best I could in Spanish. He heard about sin, the commandments and our standing before a righteous and holy God. He was also please to hear about the work of Jesus on the cross. I urged Fausto to consider what we discussed and to trust the savior.

The second vendor was selling henna tattoos among other things. I figured a few temporary tattoos were worth the opportunity to witness to him. My youngest daughter wanted a cross on her shoulder which provided me with the perfect transition into a spiritual conversation. Marcos, like so many others believed that being good would get him into heaven. We discussed the difference between God’s grace and works which fascinated him. He also heard about the cross and that he too could be forgiven and pass from death to life.

Please pray for both Fausto and Marcos that God would soften their hearts and save them both.