Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rob-Roy's team on Mill

Rob-Roy and his team periodically witness on Mill Avenue in Tempe, Arizona near ASU. It is a hot spot for all kinds of activity and the younger croud is always willing to discuss life issues. Read on as Rob-Roy gives his story from a couple weeks ago along with some of the pictures of the outing.

We handed out over 300 water bottles with the gospel printed on them and were able to talk to many people and share the gospel. The bottled water, big money tracts and pink and blue curved illusion tracts made for great conversation starters. A number of people asked for New Testaments and/or the JustStopAndThink DVD’s that we had available for free.

A Muslim cab driver named “Ali” was so moved by the gospel that his eyes were welling with tears and brokenness. He said that he is headed to Hell and that he is trying to do enough good to cancel out his sin. When asked what he needed to do to change that he said that it was like a ladder that had 20 steps on it and that he was only on step 2. So 18 steps away from Heaven is how he saw it. We reasoned with him about God’s justice and then shared the grace of the gospel which is what led him to the edge of tears. God is working on him. Please pray for him.

Also for “Wicked Hail” one of the street kids from the drum circle who we talked with over pizza. When we brought the pizza’s over to the “circle” it was “Wicked” that had the most to say. He was hard to reach and later on painted his face jet black with streaks of white in a way that was dark and sinister. We almost did not recognize him when he came over to where we moved to “show us” his new look.

Also pray for two Jehovah Witnesses that we met at the very end of the night after packing up the table. They were probably each in their 60’s as each claimed to have been teaching for Jehovah for 35 to 38 years. I was a bit surprised they were out on the streets at midnight with all their Watchtower materials. I will keep it short and just say that talking with them was one of the weirdest encounters I have ever had. It ended on a very tense note when I upset one of them beyond repair when attempting to share the difference between the false gospel of “working to earn” favor in Jehovah’s site on the day of Judgment (which is impossible) as compared to the Christian view of “grace” that comes only through repentance and saving faith in the Savior alone for salvation.

Please pray that God would reach them regardless of how poorly I think I handled the very end. My heart breaks for them and the veil that has held them for decades. Please join us in praying for the many people we came in contact would be changed by God so that they pass from death to life and into heaven.