Thursday, March 27, 2008

Word Picture

The Phrase "word picture" is a term I've picked up that seems to fit the way I like to communicate when I'm trying to get an important message across. One example of this is Ray Comfort's use of the parachute analogy. It goes something like this: "If you were on an airplane that was going to crash and there was a parachute available to you, what would you do with it?" Answer: "Put it on, and that is what the bible says we need to do with Jesus Christ." (Romans 13:14) It wouldn't be enough to simply believe in the parachute, everyone believes in them. Suddenly because we've been alerted of the fate of the airplane, the parachute becomes our most precious possession and we strap it on tight trusting it to save us from the fall to come.
Only after we're convinced that the airplane is doomed are we so willing to cling to the parachute, and so it is with Christ. It is only after we have a clear understanding of our sin and the consequences of God's wrath and judgement that we can truly appreciate the amazing Gospel of grace and forgiveness.