Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ambassadors' Alliance: The experience 1

Here is a short film that gives a taste of what went on at the Ambassadors' Academy last week. I'll likely make another one since there were so many pics taken. I'm sure there will be plenty of video from Tony "The Lawman" Miano over at his blog. Words really can't express how encouraging this experience was. Please enjoy this video short and check back as I have many stories.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Class Dismissed

These words finished the three day adventure that was the very first Ambassadors' Alliance training. It's been an exhausting few days with Ray Comfort and the Living Waters team. There is so much to tell and so many photos to share. My time in L.A. has been such a blessing and I have much to share. Please check back soon for stories and photos!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Doing Battle

Many of you know that I will be attending the Ambassadors' Alliance Academy this week. What you might not know is that I have met many obstacles particularly in the last month or so that have made it difficult for me to focus on the work to be done. From family woes and relationship challenges to personal physical injury and struggles, it is evident that the spiritual battle is on. It has felt like more of a war and I've succumbed to a battle or two, but I know God is faithful and will carry me through this rare opportunity with my friends and the living waters team. God's providence would have it that my pastor would be teaching from Ephesians 6:10-13 and spiritual warfare this past Sunday and it was just what I needed. God is so great! What an encouragement it was.

I will be driving to Cerritos from Phoenix on Wednesday and that will give me plenty of time to pray and prepare my heart. It will also give me time to pray for all of those I (we) will be sharing the Gospel with. Please come along side of me in praying not only for these things but for my family while I am away.

I would like thank all of you who believe in me and who have contributed both in prayer and financially to this endevor. God willing, the resulst will reap eternal rewards. I look forward to reporting back next week.


This came in from a Way of The Master Newsblast. Does this woman think she is good?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ten Commandments in five minutes

This comes from Pastor Steve Sanchez from E-Vangie Tales I was able to teach this to about fifty children ages 4 to 12 plus adult leaders in just a few minutes! Enjoy.

To Good to Miss

From all I'm hearing this movie is going to be just too good to miss. Ray Comfort attended a screening and has called it "phenomenal." Read his review here.

The following is an email sent out to supporters of Answers In Genesis, the creation science ministry of Ken Ham. This should prove to be fascinating.

Dear AiG supporter,

I thought it very important to send you another email this week. You see, the news is so important that I also want you to send this email to your pastor and friends.
As you know, Darwinists have been expelling any hint of creation or intelligent design from public schools and research institutions. Now, many of them are expelling people from their academic posts in a desperate attempt to defend their evolutionary worldview.
The upcoming film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed comes to theaters next week (April 18). Already a highly controversial film, its host Ben Stein (whom I met last month) is on a personal quest to discover more about the topic of origins and to expose the ruthlessness of many evolutionists. Even though Stein is not a creationist and is not a Christian, he presents the evidence of intelligent design we see in the world and exposes the censorship efforts of leading evolutionists.
I encourage you to visit right now and discover more about this excellent, entertaining, and enlightening film. I’ve seen it twice now, including at a special preview screening at our Creation Museum. You need to see how our education system is expelling freedom of speech—and then you should do something about it.
For a theater listing, go to
If you don’t see your local theater listed, call the manager and say you want to watch Expelled.
Please be a “creation evangelist.” Let your family and friends know about this film (send them this email with your words of endorsement), and then direct them to our website where they can find out more about the gospel message.
Thank you,
Ken Ham
President, Answers in Genesis

Monday, April 7, 2008

Gospel RV

On my way home from work one day, I saw this man on the side of the road holding a cross and waving. I decided to pull over and give him my vote of support and thanks for being a fellow worker in the harvest. His name is Bob Hanus and together with his wife Fran, they have been criss-crossing the United States and parts of Canada for the last twenty years in their RV sharing the Gospel. His materials and tracts were a little different from what I use, but after speaking with him, it was evident that Bob was doing God's work and sharing the Gospel faithfully. He even mentioned that he has baptized people just about anywhere he could, but mainly motel swimming pools. After a few minutes we parted ways but what an ecouragement it was to meet him. Please pray for Bob and Fran and for their unique and exciting ministry.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Ambassadors' Alliance Academy

Many of you already know that I am going to be attending the very first Ambassadors' Alliance Academy training in Southern California later this month. Thanks for all of your prayers and support. You can be sure that I will have lots of pics and audio as well as some great stories from my adventure there. I'm also looking forward to meeting some of the folks that I have networked with either by phone or on the internet.

Me Church

Here's a parody for some comic relief.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Christian creativity

Here’s a great web site from a friend of the ministry. Marcus Pittman of Transplant ministries also runs Oomaoo, which he descrbes as a community of Christian Professionals looking to help Christian artists do more for the kingdom. Click the Oomaoo graphic to to his site and be sure to also look at the StreetFishing promotional video he created for us.

Join the Community!