Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ambassadors' Alliance: The experience 1

Here is a short film that gives a taste of what went on at the Ambassadors' Academy last week. I'll likely make another one since there were so many pics taken. I'm sure there will be plenty of video from Tony "The Lawman" Miano over at his blog. Words really can't express how encouraging this experience was. Please enjoy this video short and check back as I have many stories.


Tony Miano said...

Made me cry. Thanks, Rob. One of the great joys of the first Academy was the fellowship and fishing I enjoyed with you, brother.

C.B. Shearer said...

Gorgeous video. You guys are making me so jealous. We're putting together a big 1-day outreach on 10th here in Georgia, I hope to come away with half the stories you guys have!

Robert Tewart said...

All I can say is to remember the first and greatest commandment C.B. That was really the emphasis of the whole Ambassadors' Academy leadership from the start. I believe that makes for great testimonies!

GoFish said...

Hi Rob,
Thank you so much for the montage...beautiful! I will never forget those precious days...such a time of refreshment-WHAT A RUSH!! If anyone is thinking about the Ambassador's Alliance Academy-GO!! Time is wasting!

While there's still time,