Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Judge Not?

Thanks to my friend Rob-Roy Nelson for this contribution.


This weekend we were blessed to get the gospel into the hands of more than 400 people by water bottle tracts or by preaching in one-to-one or small group conversations. One of those people was a man from Jamaica who after talking with my friend Ken walked my way. I asked him what he thought about what Ken had told him. He told me we are all on our own path. I asked him where his path would take him when he died. As he started to walk away he told me that it would take him to his “destiny”. I asked him what his destiny would be. He then became very stern and pointed his finger and walked right back toward me and said “Judge not! Lest you be judged.”

Calmly but firmly I replied, “Are you judging me?” He stopped for a moment and then said “no.” But that is exactly what he did and you could see on his face what his words would not admit. I told him that we cared about him and why it is important to think about the biggest question of all but that he was free to go if he that is what he wanted to do. And then he left. I did not get his name but please pray for him.

Love, Rob-roy