Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Elderly

The Elderly are among the most difficult people to reach. Although you'd think they should be thinking of eternal matters and their standing with God, often they are not. In fact much of what I share seems to go right over their heads. They are many times much more interested in telling you about their lives or circumstances.

Antonio was one such man. He is Eighty-five years old and a WW II veteran to boot having fought both the Germans and the Japanese. He agreed with all of what we shared but still didn't seem to show conviction or a true grasp of the Gospel as it pertained to his eternity. We gave him a cold bottle of water and some tracts in Spanish along with the Mormonism VS Christianity DVD. I urged him to consider what we had discussed and parted with a hand shake, but I sure didn't like the feeling I had when I walked away. I know The Holy Spirit can reach him but please still pray for Antonio.


Jennifer said...

The elderly are the fastest growing segment of our population now. We must reach them. I am so glad that you talked to Antonio! Thank you for a job well done, Rob!