Sunday, June 8, 2008

Help Wanted

The first Friday art walk in downtown Phoenix is held on the first Friday every month and provides a great streetfishing environment. Lots of boothes and people crowd the blocked-off streets for an evening of music, food, clubs and of course, art galleries.

After a night of both open air preaching and one on one witness encounters, I stood and talked to a good friend and fellow fisherman about the evening. He told me something that caught me by surprise; He struggles with one on one witness encounters. I never would have thought this because he is very involved with a group of local evangelists as well as having done several missonary trips abroad where the Gospel has been preached. I have also watched him preach in the open air. To me, this guy does it all! I offered what encouragement I could, but I had me thinking. What would it take for him to clear this obstacle and move forward with personal conversations?

The answer came to me when I was reading a book by Ray Comfort called The Bluebook on Evangelism. In it, Comfort answers a question on whether it is better to hand out lots of tracts or to concentrate on one on one witness encounters. In short, his answer is both, but he also added that "The problem is that we have a lack of laborers. I know of some people who find one-to-one difficult, but they can pass out tracts like a machine" (Comfort 28).

The real issue is that this wouldn't be an issue if there were just more laborers for the harvest. Laborers who could encourage and fill the gap for those of us who have difficulties in certain areas. So to my friend I say, keep fighting the good fight and pray. Jesus said this in Luke 10:2. "Then He said to them, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest."


Jennifer said...

Your friend is blessed to have an encouraging person like you at his side!

I think you really zero in on the problem when you talk about the lack of laborers. We can all do something to bring in this harvest!!