Thursday, June 19, 2008

Soccer and Fishing

“Daddy, can we go street fishing instead of going to soccer practice?” It’s rare that I am tongue tied for words, but my seven year old daughter has a gift for doing just that. “Well, um, uh…I don’t think that’s a great idea, but what about after practice in the park.” Pretty quick thinking if I do say so myself. “Okay, let’s go.” So off we were to soccer –and fishing.

My nine year old daughter also came along. She devised the plan. “Okay Dad, we’ll hand out the tracts and you can do all the talking.” That sounded good to me since everyone looks the same to them. That is, I still have a tendency to size up people who are perspective tractees. Usually it’s a dialogue in my head; “No, that guy’s beard scares me and that girl flipping her hair is on her cell phone. What if it’s an important call?” My girls were faithful litter tract passer outers. “Did you get one of these? Thanks a million.”

The first people we encountered were Keeshawn and Derrick, both age 12. My youngest pulled out the optical illusion tract and went to work. “Which on is bigger? Okay, now which one is bigger?” Keshawn remained more or less quiet while Derrick was engaged and I think, a little entertained too, by these young evangelists. I went through the Law and the Gospel with them both. Keeshawn wasn’t too concerned but Derrick turned a bit serious when asked where he would end up without Jesus. I urged them to carefully consider what we had discussed and they both promised they would.

After we wrapped up our conversation, Keeshawn and Derrick continued on their skateboards as we moved on to other fish. God only knows what they did with His precious Gospel. Please pray for them.