Friday, July 18, 2008

Avoiding an argument

The following video posted by Steve Sanchez over at Stone The Preacher is great example of avoiding one of the most feared arguments a street evangelist can face; how to deal with homosexuals. Actually, what Steve does here is the way we should talk to everyone we witness to. Addressing specific sins from the start tends to take the conversation down endless rabbit trails and before you know it, the person is defending their sin and you are seen as an intolerant fanatic. Steve was able to share the whole Gospel before even mentioning the fact that she was a lesbian. He kept it simple and to the point by sticking to using the Law to appeal to her conscience and then sharing the cross, after which they discussed the "gay" issue. He kept the main point the main point. We can all learn from Steve's example.


LorMarie said...

Not to get off topic, but it puzzles me how someone can grow up in a Christian home but still claim that being good will get them into heaven. I think I'll link to this post.