Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jonathan on Hollywood Blvd.

Here is a conversation I had with Jonathan, a man I met on Hollywood Blvd. during my trip to the Ambassadors' Academy. His father is a pastor yet Jonathan wasn't able to articulate very well what he believed. I'm sure he knew a lot of the right words to use having had a Christian background, but it seemed as though he hadn't ever repented. He was receptive and kind to listen to me and even thanked me for doing what I was doing. The glory is all God's, but this goes to show that there are so many that are hungry for this great Gospel message we have--even those who have spent a lot of time inside of the church. Please pray that Jonathan has responded by repenting and trusting in Jesus alone to finally get right with God. Listen here.


Jennifer said...

This is what it's all about!!!!!!!!!!!

Nathe said...

thanks Rob for this opportunity to listen to your audio of Jonathon, It encourages me to go out and be bolder for Christ. God used you to soften Jonathon's heart with your gentle and humble words and tones. It was convicting, yet not condemning. You did a great job.
thanks again.