Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Terrin On Mill

I met a young man on Mill Avenue named Terrin. I gave him a Million Dollar Bill tract as he passed by. He paused and asked what it was as so many do. There was my chance to share the Gospel. I explained that it was a Gospel tract. “Do you have any kind of spiritual belief?” “Yeah, I’m a Christian” he replied. I immediately went into my fruit inspector mode. I’ve learned how important it is to test the waters and listen to a professing believer’s testimony. Way too often, it’s pretty bad, typically centering on their belief that they are basically good at heart and that in the end, that is what will tip the scales and get them into Heaven. Terrin however was different. His testimony was pretty strong but he admitted that he didn’t do much to share his faith except by trying to “live the life” for all to see. I explained to him that if we claim to love Jesus Christ, we should feel more of a burden for the lost and that we lacked for laborers (Seek Luke 10:2). God was so kind to forgive me, I in turn want to tell others about him and that was why I was out on the street on a Friday night. After I gave him some basic information on sharing the Gospel, Terrin was on his way thanking me as he walked slowly reading the tract I gave him.

He was such a polite young man. Please pray that God would raise Terrin up as a laborer for lost.