Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Culture, The Bible, and a Teenager

I got another disturbing church flyer in the mail today. They just seem to be getting more gimmicky by the week. This one focuses on various television shows to illistrate the messages. You can see the various "sermon" titles on the flyer on the left. The rest of this tri-fold, full color mailer contained all of the other expected elements: One line testimonials from attendees that have found "relevance", "connection", and "experience."

The mailer also boasted of "Dynamic services with progressive music, media, life-changing insights and personal stories designed to connect you with the One who loves you and knows you best."

It only reffered to God twice in general terms, and made no mention of the Bible or even Christianity. The only mention of Jesus is in the picture below advertising their "Plastic Jesus" series coming in September.

This was all getting to be a bit much for me. I began to wonder if I was being too critical. I decided to quiz my 14 year old daughter and ssked her to look it over. "What do you think is wrong with this," I asked. She scanned it over trying to figure out first who was sending this. Understandable since it didn't really look like something that should be coming from a church. She read aloud some of the message titles: "Sex in the City? Married with Children? It looks like their message is centered more on culture than on the Bible." "Exactly!" I said. "You get an "A" for the day!" Critical or not on my part, I couldn't really argue with her pithy remarks. Way to go kiddo! --Dad


Anonymous said...

Do "Christians" even watch half those shows?! "Sex and the City", "Dirty, Sexy, Money" doesn't exactly sound like something the bible group should gather around and fellowship over. The real shame is this congregation is safe and secure in their church/world and see nothing wrong with it, cause it pleases them.. Throw a real evangelist in there, and the altars would be full, if they let him speak, he may preach the Law and offend someone....

Kurt Michaelson said...

What continues as a question in my mind is, where do pastors find this in the Bible to preach? Jesus' parables were always related to the Kingdom, who would enter and who wouldn't. Neither Paul nor Peter preached like this either, but followed the example of their Lord and Savior.