Friday, August 1, 2008

"You Choose, Dad!"

This morning I learned of the death of Pastor Greg Laurie's son Christopher (pictured here with his wife Brittany and daughter Stella). It happened over a week ago on the Riverside Freeway in a fatal auto accident. My heart grieves for Pastor Greg and his family. His ministry and teaching have been a great encouragement to me over the years.

Perhaps the greatest teaching of all coming from Greg (aside from the glorious Gospel he preaches) is the truth that God is real and that He knows best even in the midst of the most painful circumstances. I really can't say anything that will express genuine faith the way Greg does in this article where he reflects on the sudden tragic loss of his oldest son. It is titled "You Choose, Dad!" You can also view the video of Pastory Greg addressing his congregation just days Christopher's death below.

Please pray for Laurie family in this time of mourning and loss.