Friday, September 5, 2008

Living water or dead words?

The label on the bottle read, “Aquamantra. Stimulate your soul.” I wasn’t sure about that, but it sure did stimulate my interest—and my discernment alarm. As I read the back of the bottle, I shook my head in disbelief. Then again, I’m sure it was just a matter of time.

This particular bottle was for those seeking good fortune. It read, “I am lucky.” Others were labeled “I am loved” and “I am healthy” with each individual mantra one is supposed to repeat to themselves while drinking in cool refreashing H20.

For the “lucky” bottle it read: “I am lucky…this is the mantra we want you to think while you drink. Repeat this mantra with every delicious sip and experience the flavor of 100% pure thought.” Then it goes on…”Our work at Aquamantra is inspired by Quantum Physics, which simply states that information travels on waves of energy. The reason you are drinking ‘I Am Lucky’ is because you are resoating with the energy to be lucky.”

I was looking for a bottle labled “I Am Gullible,” but I didn’t find one. All I could think was what kind of a voodoo chanting wing-nut would actually pay for this bottle and think it was going to do any good. But apparently their marketers think so.

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It immediately reminded me of the evangelism ministry of my friend Rob-Roy Nelson. He has gone to some effort having nifty labels (basically gospel tracts) printed up to wrap around water bottles and hands them out at events and at the local fishing hole near Arizona State University. What a great idea! He has handed out hundreds if not thousands of bottles by now with each containing a web address and short Gospel message. Much better than any mantra,I think. He's also been generous in making these labels available to me. What a great ice breaker when approaching someone with the Gospel!

Which bottle would you pick, or better yet, from what source are you drinking?

Check out these other pictures of Rob-Roy's ministry at work.


Nathe said...

Hey Rob,
My step-daughter went to the College World Series in Omaha,NE and she brought me back a water bottle from there that had a gospel message on it. I thought it was a neat idea and was thinking of doing that in the future at some event. Could you get me some information regarding these labels or how I could get some made.
Greg Nathe
Alexandria, MN

Robert Tewart said...

Sure Greg, In fact, I will forward this message with your email to my friend Rob-Roy Nelson.