Sunday, September 28, 2008

Successful Tracting

Sometimes the crowd is electric, the energy is high and the witnessing and tract distribution moves right along. Other times, it's kind of slow. Such was the case on Mill Avenue Friday night. It's not that there weren't lots of people, but it seemed kind of flat. In fact, I was pretty disappointed that the folks I did come into contact with just weren't that interested to talk. About an hour into our evening, my daughter and I decided to just hand out as many tracts as we could. We got through a couple hundred before heading home--She's was getting tired and it was getting late. She is only eight years old after all!

As she fell asleep (before we were out of the parking garage) I was disappointed that it wasn't like other nights I would have considered a "success." Then I remembered something I recently read concerning tracts.

Tracts make it into homes when we can't. They find their way onto dashboards, sun visors, wallets, night stands and desks long after we've handed them out. They are an essential tool in our evangelism to "speak" after we've gone home for the night. I was reminded to never underestimate this versatile and useful resource. After all, they are the closest many will ever come to visiting a church.

Suddenly I was feeling a bit convicted about having been disappointed earlier. I thanked God for the freedom to be able to hand out tracts and for my precious and faithful "tract-hander-outer" in the back seat.


Anonymous said...

Yes, remember that tracts find their way into many places in peoples lives,, but so do your life stories & the stories & testimonies of what your daughter sees & experiences intheses times of street fishing!!! God see all!

WayneDawg said...

Same here this past Saturday......I led my E-team to a local festival and we handed out hundreds of tracts but only had a few conversations.

It seemed that no one wanted to slow down to talk. But, like you said, our tracts went with them and hopefully home with them!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the encouragement Rob! I have heard them called 'silent preachers' because tracts keep talking long after we've stopped. I want to remember on those "tough days"-that we still have the open door in front of us to hand them out at all...someday this may close. Your daughter will remember these days, too and she will be encouraged! :)