Monday, October 13, 2008

Which Jesus?

My friend Clarke joined me in sharing the Gospel recently at Chandler/Gilbert Community College. He has been studying on how to share his faith and it shows in this witness encounter he had with a young Mormon. I think we were right when surmising that he was a returning LDS missionary by his questions, responses and demeanor. It was a spirited but very polite exchange between the two. If you look up "civil discourse," this conversation should be on the books as a good example. Listen here as Clarke shares the true Gospel with this young man and clearly makes the distinction that the Jesus of Mormonism is not the Jesus of the Holy Bible. Please pray that the Spirit of god is working in this mans life.

Way to go Clarke. Keep up the good work.


WayneDawg said...

Are you going to the Deeper Conference and then be part of The Five Hundred?

Robert Tewart said...

I won't be there. It wasn't in the budget. I did, however, make it to LA last weekend for The Awakening, a conference put on by Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. Mark Cahill was there along with Ray Comfort and E.Z. Zwayne.

Sooner or later, WOTM will make it over to this side of the country and I'll go.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, I am the guy in the video. I really had a good time talking to Clarke. He is a man a strong faith. He has alot of courage to go and share the gospel with young people and people on the street. I know that god will be and is blessing his life. How exiting it is to Speek of christ. To make his name somthing that is ok to talk about. To bring him out from the back of our minds and share his light with all that we meet. I am greatful for the people the Savior brings into my life. Each of them help mold and develop my character. I love the sweet spirit of brothers talking of the redeemer. I pray that all who listen to our conversation will be uplifted and brought togheter in a unity of faith. Love, Samuel

Anonymous said...

I am a mormon who is questioning the doctrines of the church and when he said, "if I am wrong... I still go to Heaven... if you are wrong... you are going to hell" it hit me pretty hard. So, now I am doing some research that I should have done years ago. Thanks for the insight. Bb