Thursday, November 27, 2008

Grooms Party on Mill

My friend Steven is getting married next week. He wanted to have a Grooms party (instead of a bachelor party) and have it on Mill Ave. About 10 guys met on the streets at the Drum Circle and had a time of prayer, bible study, singing and also sharing Godly wisdom with this new husband to be. We took communion together and prayed more.

Once concluded we all then set up to share the Gospel with the crowds on the street there at Mill for the next few hours. We talked with cabbies and atheists. Lot's of students and professionals. Also a number of gothic teens. Many were catholic or mormon or new age. Many many conversations and the gospel proclaimed.

Please pray for Ali, Albed, Alan, Markum, Kyle, Brian, Brandon and Jamie. These are a few of the names I remember from sharing the Gospel. Jamie is a photographer for a local paper called New Times that is doing a story on the atheist group that actively opposes Christianity and especially street preachers and tracts with their more logical message. He took our picture with our water bottles and signs we set up that have the Gospel message on them along with our Free Stuff table of bibles and tracts.

Jamie believed all roads lead to the same place and evil and good are just terms man uses to describe something that does not exist. We had a good conversation and when going through the law and the gospel he showed some signs of conviction and openness. He admitted that he thinks about what will happen when he dies all the time. Pray that God will grant him repentance and he will not stop thinking about such things as there will be a day of judgment.

Love, Rob-roy