Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why Use Gospel Tracts?

You may have noticed in my last post that one of the pockets was empty on the new tract rack. That's because my Why Use Gospel Tracts informational pamphlet was still at the printer. I actually adapted several sources to come up with the one below. Let me know what you think, and if you like, please copy some or all of what I've put in this new informational.

Why Use Gospel Tracts?

In his book, The Coming Revival, Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ reported that “Only 2% of believers in America regularly share their faith with others.” (New Life Publications p 65) Born again Christians in the Bible and through history have shared their faith boldly, but the modern church has turned Jesus’ command for believers to make disciples (Matt 28:18-20) into something optional. Apathy toward the lost has taken hold in most of American Christianity.
Consider that in the next 24 hours, 150,000 people worldwide will enter eternity and most will end up in Hell. (Matt 7:13-14) What good reason can any born again believer give for not doing something to bring the life giving Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost?

Maybe you think you don’t know enough to share, or that you might not be able to answer a difficult objection to the faith. Perhaps it’s just plain fear of looking like a fanatic or of persecution. Let us not forget Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” He promises to meet us and sustain us in a time of persecution. The goal is to study and develop in sharing our faith boldly and openly. Think back to when you first believed. For the majority of us, it was through someone caring enough to share with us. It is through the preaching of The Gospel that people get saved. (Romans 10:14)

Whether you are comfortable sharing your faith or mortified at the thought, a great place to start is with good Gospel Tracts. George Whitfield and Hudson Taylor were saved by the means of a Gospel tract. The fact that God can and will use tracts to draw people to Himself should cause us to consider them a useful resource.

You can use them as an ice-breaker to get into a spiritual conversation with someone by simply saying “Did you get one of these?” or you can just hand them out and move on. Even if all you can do for now is to leave them somewhere for people to find, you are doing something to get the saving message of Jesus Christ into the hands of a perishing world.

Consider this: Tracts can go places that we cannot long after we’ve distributed them, like homes, wallets, dashboards, nightstands, desks and as bookmarks. Tracts never argue or make excuses. They stick to the point. A tract may be read in private by someone who is too proud to read or discuss such matters openly. They continue to share The Gospel long after you’ve gone. Tracts are a great ice-breaker—“Did you get one of these?” works great last thing before you leave the drive-thru window. Lastly, God can use a simple Gospel tract to save someone!
Remember, you are distributing the most “church” many will ever experience. How important should it be that the message they receive is the Gospel? You will simply be amazed at the joy of moving toward sharing the life giving message of Jesus Christ!
These tracts are provided free of charge as a ministry of Calvary Chapel Queen Creek, however they have been purchased for use. Please be good stewards of this resource and give away every tract you take.

Please note that the best Gospel tracts are ones that clearly speak of sin, righteousness, judgement, heaven/hell, the cross and repentance. The tracts in this rack are good examples. There are a lot of tracts produced today that appeal to a seeker sensitive mindset and that are watered down. There are many resources on the Internet for tracts, the three following sites are a suggestion for your convenience and produce good, sound Gospel tracts.

Livingwaters.com Evangelismteam.com Customtractsource.com

Try to get into the habit of carrying Gospel tracts everywhere you go. Keep them in your car. Here is a list of some places you could leave tracts:

· At the hairdresser/barber
· Pay phone directory in the “Escort” or “Strip club” section
· With a generous tip
· With fast-food workers, and cashiers
· In restrooms tucked partially behind the mirror
· On ATM machines and bank counters
· In elevators
· On newspaper racks
· In waiting rooms of doctor and dentists offices
· On seats at airports, buses, cabs, subways
· With flight attendants and cab drivers
· In plane seat pockets
· In Laundromats
· Truck stops and rest stops
· Send along with your bill payments
· At libraries in books and magazines
· Tuck inside of twelve packs of beer at the store
· With tax returns
· Inside diaper bags for daycare workers to find
· Vending machines
· In New Age books at Barnes and Noble
· Pinned to bulletin boards

For more information or questions about sharing your faith, contact Robert Tewart at streetfishingrob@aol.com