Monday, December 15, 2008

Angry Atheists? You be the judge

There is a group of atheists that follow one of our local teams to Mill Ave. in Tempe. They hate The Lord and work hard to do anything to disrupt our efforts to share the gospel. Usually, this takes the form of them setting up their P.A. equipment very near to where we are preaching and being generally disagreeable. Last week at the Phoenix art walk, it was no different. The one thing they all seem to have in common is their total disdain for God and the bible. It isn't just a difference of opinion, but an angry and blasphemous presentation of their views. Please pray for them.

Here you can see one of the atheists with his own microphone attempting to disrupt open air preaching...

...and just one example of what they bring along with them. The guy with the bullhorn is an ex-Mormon and former missionary.

They also spend a lot of time and money on displays that mock Jesus....

...and even attack God The Father calling him a murderer.

But because God is sovereign and merciful, He still continues to offer His forgiveness to those who seek Him. Here, Valerie attempts to reason with a young man from the scriptures. I think he was either Jewish or formerly a Jew and now an atheist.

While the atheists have made it difficult and sometimes frustrating, everyone has continued to remain faithful and preach The Word. Please pray that God would grant us wisdom in witnessing to these young people and that He would even draw them to repent of their sin and unbelief.


Kazz said...

I can't speak for everyone, but I would like to clear up a few misconceptions about how I feel, and I believe that most of the people arguing against you have similar views on these issues.

1. I do not "hate The Lord", I simply don't believe in any gods, including yours. I don't hate him any more than you hate Thor.

2. I do not hate Jesus. I am still trying to determine whether or not he was an actual person (the evidence is very thin or nonexistent from what I've seen), but if he did exist then he was probably a great moral teacher who I would not disagree with on too many points other than the concept of Hell.

3. I actually do dislike many things in the Bible. Like I said, I wouldn't argue with most of the quotes attributed to Jesus, but many of the words and deeds attributed to God are horrible. The Bible does in fact show him as having killed and ordered the deaths of millions of people.

4. I do occasionally get angry at some of the preachers because I strongly disagree with some of the things they do, such as the use of "The Good Person Test" which we will post a series of articles about on our site soon. Maybe starting tomorrow.

5. I do have calm and civil discussions with preachers when they are willing. The times that things get more heated are generally when they continually preach over us and refuse to engage us in a meaningful way.

6. I hope that we can do more than just frustrate you. I'm sure that I get things wrong sometimes, but in general I am using facts and personal opinions, not just speculation or lies.

I do not intentionally lie to you or other people out there, so I hope you think about the things I say. If I'm wrong about something, and you can provide me with some evidence that I'm wrong, then please do.

Whether you believe it or not, I do seriously consider any reasonable arguments made against the things I believe, because I am looking for the truth. I hope you are doing the same.