Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christian the Mormon

This was a simple encounter Rob-roy had recently. Notice how he didn't get into a drawn out rabbit trail of doctrines and theology. There is a place and time for longer conversations with LDS members, but it doesn't have to be a stumbling block to sharing your faith with them. Notice how he simply kept with "the law and the standard of perfection." This should be an encouragement that you can share your faith with anyone by sticking to the basics and the conscience.

Christian the Mormon

Out playing ball again last Friday night and my friends and I got talking with some teens. One of which was named Christian. As I shared the Gospel with the group some of them wanted more of the curved illusion tracts. As I went back to my car to get more the young man named Christian asked if I was LDS (Mormon).

I told him that I was not. I asked if he had read the book of mormon. He had. I explained that I believe LDS teaching is not true and took him through the law and the standard of perfection required, what true repentance is and his lack of hope of reaching the Father through his own filthy works. He was real open to true grace. He asked lots of question about how it could be free. The answer is the Cross provided full payment. Not partial payment.

He admitted that every night he goes to bed he does not know if he is worthy enough to be with Father. Please pray for Christian who is not "Christian" but LDS. The Gospel was shared and seeds planted. Now Christian needs to truly repent and not trust in his works but the finished work of Jesus. The true Jesus. Only then will Christian become a true "Christian". Born again from above.

Love, Rob-roy