Friday, December 5, 2008

FYI: Know Airport Policies!

This was submitted by Edwin Lo. Edwin is active in local evangelism on Mill Avenue in Tempe, Arizona as well as various local skate parks and just about anywhere there are people.

Please read this inspiring encounter he recently had in an airport in Utah. Keep up the good work Edwin!

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Many of you know that I recently attended the funeral of friend and fellow seed sower, Jim Jones in Oregon. On the flight back, I had a three hour delay in Utah. While waiting for my flight, I decided to go through and arrange all of the tracts and resources I got from Jim. I spread them out on a table in the airport and decided I would just hand out tracts while people walked by.

Twenty minutes went by and I handed a tract to security person, not knowing who he was. He asked me what I was doing, and ended up calling a supervisor to report that I was handing out religious materials. After making the call, he told me I needed a permit to hand out my materials. Looking at my table, he said I was not allowed to hand anything out, and that if he saw me distributing anymore, he would take me to jail. He did allow me to keep the table, but only if people stopped and asked would I be able to engage them. He also reminded me that there were security cameras on me.

I sat down to read, Matthew chapter 5, James chapter 1, and 1 peter chapter 2. I prayed for forgiveness for misrepresenting The Lord, and decided to obey the airport authorities. Soon after, a man came along and was excited to see all of the different million dollar bill tracts. He took a Way of The Master new testament and more, I was so eager for him to take anything he liked, making sure he knew everything was free.

I looked over to see two security personnel. I’m pretty sure they were talking about what I was doing, but they left me alone. I was rejoicing that the man who stopped was able to get some resources. God gave me grace and encouragement in spite of my zeal without knowledge.

I hope this information helps you next time you’re in an airport wanting to give out tracts and witness. It would be a good idea to be aware of their policies. I can’t tell you that what I did at the beginning was wise or foolish; wanting to give tracts and not using much discernment. But God helped my discouragement when I encountered the security personnel. I just wanted to get the Gospel out.

Edwin Lo