Monday, December 1, 2008

Sheep or Goats?

Ask anyone who engages in regular one on one evangelism, and they will tell you that we meet professing Christians all of the time. We learn very quickly that just because someone says "Oh, I'm already a Christian" doesn't mean we shouldn't probe further. Far too often what they say after that is jaw-dropping. "I hope I've done enough good things" or some kind of works righteousness is among the most common. Just a few days ago, I met a woman on a college campus that thought reincarnation is compatible with biblical Christianity. She also claimed to have been born a Christian.

Leon Brown is an active and experienced evangelist out of San Diego California. You can learn more about him at Another ministry of his is Sheep or Goats. He has several videos there in which he asks four simple questions. These are not difficult or deep theological or doctrinal questions. They are very basic and every Christian should be able to answer them easily.

It is difficult to encounter people with shaky testimonies. They stumble over their words and are caught off guard. While we cannot definitively judge their salvation, (that is between them and God alone) we can at least be confident that whatever gospel is being taught in much of the modern church is sorely lacking in biblical clarity.

That is why is it so important to use good tracts and present the Gospel clearly and biblically to everyone we share with.