Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Everyday Club

Steve Sanchez of Stone The Preacher has a great idea. It's called "The Everyday Club." You can check out his web site for the original post, but the main idea is to challenge ourselves to either hand out ten tracts a day every day, or have one personal evangelism encounter. In addition to this, we can open air preach whenever the opportunity presents itself. His idea is to provide regular stats for accountability and encouragement. Great idea Steve, way to go!

Above: Steve doing what he does.

Tony Miano had a great insight to add to this challenge. Read about it here.

I got a chance to see them both again at the Way of the Master's Transformed conference this weekend in Beaumont, CA. I love these guys and the fellowship, counsel and accountability I share with them on an ongoing basis. Please take time to visit their web sites regularly. Different styles, different messages, one purpose; To bring the maximum glory to God.

Above right: Tony doing what he does.