Thursday, January 8, 2009


This is a little something that my 14 year old daughter wrote. The assignment at her school was to get a flavor for some of the writing of the psalms and put together a poem or hymn that would capture the same type of poetic feel. Way to go kiddo!

Lord, you bless the lives of the righteous

You curse the days of the wicked

Your voice is heard across nations

And Your words are upon the hearts of man

Your judgement is holy

Your penalty is righteous

There is no man who can escape You

There is no place to avoid Your sight

Lord your love is enduring

But Your wrath is immediate.



Wayne Dawg said...

Perfect! Great job Zoe!

Was this a Christian or secular school?

Jennifer said...

I think this girl 'gets it'! This article definitely deserves a title =)

Edwin said...

that's good stuff

Robert Tewart said...

Your comments are all very kind. Zoe says "Wow, thanks!"

Robert Tewart said...

Wayne Dawg. It is a Christian school.

Robert Tewart said...

Jennifer. Zoe just informed me that it is entitled "The judgement of God."