Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Don't leave home without them

Thank you to Trish Ramos at for this guest contribution.

Don't leave home without them--Trisha Ramos

If your dog is as lazy as mine, its good to take them on a walk. Emilio and I walk "Baby" our dog almost every day. Baby draws a lot of attention. People come up and say, "How cute...what type of dog is that?" Then I usually say something like, "She's a mix of some sort...we got her when we were living in CA." Then I will hand them a million dollar bill tract and say something to the effect of, "Thanks a million for the complement on my dog!"

Dog's are great conversation starters. If I'm out and about and see someone walking their dog (I love dogs), I'll go up to them and say, "You're dog is so cute...what kind is it?" They're delighted that I paid them a complement on their pet and are happy to respond. Then, I'll say, "Since I like your dog so much here's a million bucks for you to enjoy!" I smile and so do they. Then I add, "It's a gospel tract make sure you read the message on the back." And if I they have time, and aren't in a rush to leave, I'll share the Gospel with them one to one.

The next time you take your dog on a walk bring tracts with you. Did you know that Ray Comfort said that if you find him without a tract in public he will give you 1000 dollars? That's quite a price to pay to be caught without a tract! Then one day Ray was swimming with his grand children and one said, "I gotcha grandpa! You're swimming with out a tract...Ha!" And immediately he reached into the pocket of his swimming trunks and pulled out a wet tract that was completely in tact--he had laminated it!

It's obvious how valuable carrying tracts are to Ray. He won't leave home without them and if he does, the consequence is 1000 dollars. The next time you leave the house to go to the post office, walk the dog, take the kids to the park, etc. don't leave home without a good gospel tract. You just never know when you will need one. You can find good gospel tracts at Living Waters.