Sunday, March 22, 2009

Calvary Chapel Free Gift

There's a great website called Calvary Chapel Free Gift that gives some interesting insights about the relationship between Calvary, Ray Comfort and The Way of the Master/Living Waters ministries. Being in a Calvary Chapel fellowship and having been so influenced WOTM, I was naturally thrilled to find this little gem a couple of years ago.

More and more Calvary Chapels are becoming enthusiastic about evangelism as layed out in The Way of the Master biblical model. Although Calvary's are known for always having been focused on biblical exposition and evangelism, there have been various obsticles along the way concerning Ray Comfort and his work., However, many now are excited anew about reaching the world with the Gospel using the Law to bring about the knowledge of sin.

The photo above was taken last fall a couple of days before the Awakening conference at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. Pictured from left to right: Don Stewart, Ray Comfort, Pastor Chuck Smith, Pastor Brian Brodersen.